Saturday, February 27, 2010

Save Electricity! Little Efforts make the difference!

I hope every one known the important of electricity, but most of us were lacking in how to save the electricity. In general, all electric/ electronic devices / home appliance consumes approx.10% to 15 % per watts power when they are not used but they are turned on!

For example, after charging the cell phone we just plugged out the phone but remains the cell phone charger consume some amount of energy.

Today's world in Countries like India, china , the number of consumers who use cellphone and other electric devices are increased rapidly.

Through the advanced growth in Technology, we are going to move from conventional lighting system (flour scent , neon, CFL) to advanced method like LED lighting system. Thereby , we save more than 60% electricity. Even though, we are in need of electricity, since number of consumers who use electric devices are increased rapidly.

So I just kindly request you to please save the energy through turn-off electronic / electric devices when not in use (Applicable for chargers but Not applicable for Cellphone Hi!!Hi!!)

Save the Electricity as Fun! To see the Little efforts Make the Difference!

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