Saturday, February 27, 2010

Plant trees! Make universe Green! create balanced Eco-System

Threading matter in the 21st century of the world is global warming in which earth temperature increases due to many reasons. When we look in to deep analysis, the key factor of the issue is unbalanced Eco-system in terms of increasing greenhouse gases concentration. Because of unbalanced Eco-system, climate changes is distributed around many part of the word.

Even though, there are numerous science and technologies are booming, it is difficult to protect the world from global warming in an artificial way. The only thing which control or reduce the greenhouse gases concentration is Trees! Trees! Trees!. Trees not only reduces the greenhouse gases concentration but also maintain the Eco-system, give pure oxygen to us.

As per the survey of FAO each year in the world, about 13 million hectares of forests are lost due to deforestation. Deforestation also one of the main reason for global warming.

To prevent the world from global warming, we should plant more trees. So that the amount of greenhouse gases concentration is reduced, earth Eco-system is protected and avoid natural disaster such as tsunami, sea level increases. etc.

I have inspired lot about Wangari Muta Maathai who has won the Nobel Peace Prize 2004 through Green Belt Movement she assisted planting more than 20 million trees.

To protect the world , I request every one to plant more trees as much as possible and Save the earth!

Present a plant for everyone's birth day as a habit! so that you can unmemorable and also save the society!

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